Any questions?

Here are a few answers:

Prices, samples, product information
Why can’t I find prices for your products? We develop most of our products in collaboration with our customers and are highly responsive to individual requirements. In other words, we prepare a specific quote in response to each request and therefore do not publish price information on the website.

What is the minimum order quantity?
That depends on the product. For standardized goods or goods in stock, we ship braids and cords in quantities of 25 meters per color. Special designs from 100 meters per color. Embroidered lanyards: from 50 pieces per color; unembroidered lanyards from 10 pieces per color. We are happy to receive customer-ordered requests, and with prior arrangement can meet small series and special requests speedily.

Do you have a catalog? 
No. A detailed overview of our product range can be found here on our website. As we are constantly expanding our offer and adapting it to current needs, a printed catalog would soon become obsolete. So we save on printing costs and make sure that our customers receive good quality at a reasonable price.

Which materials are used?
Artificial silk, natural silk, cotton, sheep’s wool, metal threads, lurex, hemp, viscose, rayon, nylon fiber, acetate

Do I get a sample?
We will gladly provide one, as long as it is for a product we have already produced once. Please note that we cannot respond to special color requests. If you order a larger quantity, we will be happy to send you a production sample on request.

What is passementerie?
Passementerie includes: cords, gimp, soutache, braids, gallons, ornamental trims and fringes, which are used in tailoring for decorative purposes. These fashion items are usually made in smaller companies that produce a variety of patterns in the smallest quantities on special machines. All types of cord, tassels, fringes, braids, galloons, braiding, crochet work, wraps, bouillon and their various combinations are known as trim. Passementerie items were originally handmade products, used mainly as jewelry on clothing or in interior design. Originated in the human need for beauty.