Product range

Our machines have been recently remodeled and ensure fast and precise work.

We have the right machine for almost every product and every material. 


Embroidery machines - for example for embroidered name stripes, or various embroideries on caps, jackets, T-shirts, etc
Uniforms: badges for example  

Braiding machines - for example for edging items, lampshade trims, tuxedo belts, ties and also for covering olive buttons. 
Uniforms: for producing square cords, soutache and passpoil

Crochet knitting machines - crotchet knitting products are used for everything from decorative hats, clothing, furniture, lampshades, elastic borders to lace to fabrics for blouses, dresses etc ... (crochet look) and puff trims. 

Weaving machines: for the production of jacquard ribbons (gilded for ecclesiastical purposes), and trims for uniforms and traditional costumes

Spinning machines: produce bullion for hand embroidery (paramentic), uniforms (silvered, gilded and leonean), wires (silvered, gilded and leonean wire), gimped yarn for embroidery, weaving, cords, etc 

Handicraft - our handwork department makes almost anything possible. For example, portepees, marksmen cords, uniform sashes, epaulettes, chandelier trims, trims for traditional dress, curtain trims, key tassels, etc.
Uniform adornments: epaulettes, shoulder pieces, shoulder straps, hat cords, hat cockades, portepees, aiguillettes, etc.