Spinning works

 Spinning is an art that dates back millennia. In ancient times it was done by hand. The first pedal-driven spinning wheel was constructed in 1530. The spinning wheel, which is in fact a small spinning machine, twists the thread and winds it onto on the spool independently. 

The first spinning machines were built in England in the 18th century, and have been improved many times over the years, resulting in the two types of spinning machines we have today: the wing and ring spinning machine and the wagon spinner. 

Today, with a speed of 6,000 revolutions per minute, a wire spool races around a textile thread and spins the thread so that the inside is no longer visible on the surface. 

Threads can also be gilded or silvered – There are a wide range of options. Products: Boullion (Paramentic), uniforms (silvered, gilded and leonean), wires (silvered, gilded and leonean), spangles

spinning machines


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