Crochet knitting department

No textile machine provides such a wealth of patterns as the crochet galloon machine. 

It is one of the most important machines for the production of passementerie. 
With working widths of 70, 100 and 150 cm, both full width and different widths and patterns
can be produced side by side. The crochet galloon machine is able to produce both technical products and consumer goods.

 A range of optional features not only provide an abundance of patterns and
effects, but also work with metal thread, rubber thread, wool, cotton, silk, chenille, etc ...

 Galloon products are used for decorative hats, 
clothing, furniture, lampshades, elastic borders to lace to fabrics for blouses, dresses etc ...

 Products: Crepes (passements for fashions, hats, lampshades), fringes, laces, ...

crochet knitting machines


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